Animator / Illustrator


Programs & Skills

Adobe After Effects Adobe Flash Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Adobe Illustrator Paint Tool Sai Clip Studio Paint

Character Design Illustrator Graphic Design Editor

Employment History

Youtube / Freelance Animator / 2015.2016.2017.2018

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many popular Youtubers such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Game Grumps, CoryxKenshin, CrankGamePlays, and Cinemassacre. It was my job to take their footage and splice together a cohesive and  perfectly timed narrative. I created the storyboard, character designs, and animation.  I’ve made numerous shorts based off of such videos game like; Undertale, Reigns, Papers Please, Night in the Woods, Hello Neighbor, Five Nights at Freddys, Getting Over It, Fatal Frame 2, and Mega Man.

Food Network / Illustrator / 2017.2018

I have created dozens of food illustrations to be used on multiple pilots as well as created illustrations for Halloween Wars 2018 and a holiday special. 

Jayson Angove / Lead Animator / September-2017

I was the lead animator for a music video by Jayson Angove. Together we created a narrative that fit his music perfectly. Starting off upbeat and joyful but slowly becoming morbid. I created the storyboard, character designs, and animation. 

Good-Hello/ Freelance Animator and Character Designer/ July-2017

I’ve had the opportunity to create a 3 minute short for a website called Amaze. Together we worked on an animation that teaches teens how to deal with rejection. I created the storyboard, character designs, and animation.

Super Delicious - Cake Wars / Illustrator / May-2017

I was responsible for creating dozens of illustrations to be used on some of Food Networks top shows, Cake Wars. I created the before image that showed the ideal cake before revealing what the contestants created. 

Markiplier 'You're Welcome Tour' / Freelance Animator / May-2017

I was asked to make an animated opening for Markiplier's traveling comedy show. The animation was played in multiple venues across several continents.

ToonGrin / Freelance Animator / February-2017

Created a 1 minute ad to be used on their website, promoting their business.

Scare to Care / Character design, Freelance Animator / July-2016

In charge of creating the black cat mascot to be used in that years Scare to Care charity livestream event. I also made a animated loop to be used as an alert on Scare to Care's stream as they raised money. 

North Eastern University / Illustrator /  2015-2016

I produced numerous illustrations and small animations to be used as an interactive classroom exercise. I had to use Photoshop to give them a hand drawn feel while keeping them professional.

Clambake / Freelance Animator - Lead Storyboard Artist / 2015. 2016

The first job consisted of myself and a partner that were in charge of making a storyboard about how a certain piece of machinery was made for a company. The second job I was the lead storyboard artist for a cartoon pilot.

Cartoon Corner / Freelance Animator / January -2016

I created a short animation to be used as an intro for their Youtube. I was in charge of character designs, storyboard, and all of the animation.


Massachusetts College of Art and Design 2014 - Bachelors in Animation

  Screening & Awards

Animation Block Party NY 2013

MassArt All School Show 2013. 2014

MassArt Animation Senior Showcase 2014

Departmental Honors in Animation 2014 


Half A Deer (Black Math) 2012

I was in charge of editing/tracking footage in After Effects, and created logos/illustrations in Illustrator.

Teachers Assistant 2014

Helped students understand the basics of various editing programs such as Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and Premiere.